This Course Provides

  • All learning content from Learning About Pain

  • Fourteen downloadable body based practices for treating persistent pain

  • Strategies for finding ways to move with ease

  • Recommendations for how to create a pain care plan, including offering a healing framework and inspiration for staying motivated

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pain Education

    • Pain is Strange

    • Journal Reflection: Pain is Strange

    • What Works

    • Journal Reflection: What Works

    • Pain Neuroscience

    • Journal: Pain Neuroscience

    • Modified Neurophysiology of Pain Questionnaire

    • Why Educate

    • Course Homework

  • 2

    Skills Introduction

    • Why is the Body Such a Powerful Resource?

    • Skills & Practice

  • 3

    Skill: Breath Awareness

    • Breath Inquiry

    • Breath & Movement

  • 4

    Skill: Body Awareness

    • Body Scan

    • Exploring Areas of Pain

  • 5

    Skill: Breath Regulation

    • Softer, Smoother, Longer

    • Essential Breath

    • Exploring Three Part Breath

  • 6

    Skill: Body Tension Control

    • Body Tension Release

    • Exploring Effort and Ease

    • Exploring Constriction & Release

  • 7

    Skill: Regulating Thoughts

    • SaTaNaMa Meditation Instruction

    • SaTaNaMa Meditation

    • Resurrection Breath

    • Compassion Meditation

  • 8

    Skill: Finding Safety in Movement

    • Why We Move to Heal

    • The Movement Principles

    • Practicing The Movement Principles

  • 9

    Making a Healing Plan

    • Components of Healing

    • Strategies for Practice

    • Journal Reflection: Creating a Plan

    • Goal Setting Meditation

This Course is Loaded!

Pain education + practices, all in one place

The foundation of this course is the idea that knowledge is best gained through direct experience. This course offers the same pain education content as Learning About Pain with the addition of recorded practices, additional information on strategies for finding movement in safety, and practical input on how to create a healing path. It's truly loaded! If you're ready to explore body based approaches to healing pain, this is the course for you.