Did you know?

Learning about pain can change pain

Multiple studies support the idea that simply learning about pain can decrease pain. Without changing the tissues at all, the simple act of gaining knowledge can be a powerful force in changing pain. Learning about pain also sets a foundation for self guided healing through mind body practices. That's exactly why I created this course and am now offering if for FREE. Bring an open and curious mind, and let this course lead you through why your pain is changeable.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Welcome

    • Welcome!

    • Journal Reflection

  • 2

    Pain is Strange

    • Pain is Strange

    • Journal Reflection: Pain is Strange

  • 3

    What Works

    • What Works

    • Journal Reflection: What Works

  • 4

    Pain Neuroscience

    • Pain Neuroscience

    • Journal: Pain Neuroscience

    • Modified Neurophysiology of Pain Questionnaire

  • 5

    Why Educate

    • Why Educate

    • Course Homework

This Course Provides:

  • An exploration of how pain is actually quite strange when you start to look at it closely

  • Encouragement for personal inquiry with curiosity and openness towards your own experiences with pain

  • A review of what research tells us works in the treatment of pain, and why this points us towards reconsidering the roots of pain

  • A new paradigm for approaching pain that opens doors to new treatment options, including a thorough review of pain neuroscience, and changes that occur in the pain system when pain persists

  • A review of why education about pain neuroscience is so important as a first step in healing pain